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In English

Foto: Conny Nylén

Kulturverkstan: Education in International Cultural Project Management

Kulturverkstan is a two-year advanced vocational education in international cultural project management. Students are musicians, actors, writers, film makers, artists – but also people with an academic or other background who want to realise their ideas in practical cultural projects.

Kulturverkstan laps theory and practice. From the very start of the education the students turn their abilities into real cultural projects. The education consists of two periods of internship, for six and eighteen weeks respectivally. The teachers are recruited from universities as well from business life and the cultural sector. Kulturverkstan mixes the knowledge seeking and critical reflection of the academia with the bold practitioner´s ingenuity and ”do it yourself” attitude. Lectures laps with seminars and workshops. Individual tasks are mixed with working in groups.

Kulturverkstan is an education with three focuses: operation, process, contuext. Operation aims at providng the student with the practical tools necessary for a project manager in the cultural sector. Process aims at providing the student with necessary insights and abilities when it comes to conflict solving, group dynamics and questions of leadership. Context aims at enhancing the student´s reflectivity regarding how the surrounding world is influncing and influenced by a cultural project.

Kulturverkstan is an education that is mainly taught in Swedish, but several of the lectures, as well as a good part of the course literature, are from other countries. The students are therefore required to read and speak English fluently. Thanks to Kulturverkstan´s well established international networks, the students can site their internships abroad.